According to Assobio’s data in collaboration with Nielsen, in March, at the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, the sales of organic products increased of 19,6% in the large-scale distribution, 23,7% in the discount stores, and 26,2% in small supermarkets. Lifegate had the chance to discuss it with Roberto Pinton, Assobio’s secretary, and that is what came to light.

Main factors

One of the main factors explaining this growth is obviously the fact that the consumers pay more attention to their health and as a result, to the products they consume.

There is also a deep desire to go back to an unspoiled world.

An increase in the organic consumption despite the higher prices and the economical difficulties due to the virus

According to Roberto Pinton, it is important to highlight that the higher prices of organic products are justified, among other things, by the production costs. Furthemore, it is true that consumers pay attention to what they spend, but they also do so with the cost-quality ratio.

Habits that could be preserved even after the pandemic

After the crisis in 2008, everybody thought that the organic production was over, but quite the opposite, it experienced a big development.

After the coronavirus crisis, some consumers will go back to their old habits but others, favourably surprised by the organic products.



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