A few days ago, in collaboration with the company Agrofarmaci Ventura, a number of beneficial insects were released for the first time in the Bioplus fields. They are true helpers that protect plants from pest attacks.


Specifically, the insects used were Cryptolaemus montrouzieri and Anagyrus pseudococci, very small predators that act by feeding on cochineal, an insect that causes serious damage to grapes near harvest time.


This technique is called organic pest control and it makes farming clean, smart and beneficial because:

– it is 100% natural;

– it is safe for people and the environment;

– it guarantees a totally healthy product;

– it allows for an increase in biodiversity, thus bringing the agro-system (damaged over time by human intervention) back into natural balance.


Sure that our vineyards will benefit from the results of organic pest management, we continue to strive every day to produce healthy and high quality grapes, obtained through techniques that do not harm environmental, human and plant health.