For a company like Bioplus, specialised in the production of organic grapes, it is really important to respect the environment, in order to guarantee a better future to ourselves and the future generations.

For this reason the sustainable packaging represents the future, and Bioplus welcomed the new compostable baskets made of cardboard and PLA. The PLA (Polyactic Acid) is a material derived from the transformation of the sugars in the corn, beetroot, sugar cane and other natural materials that, unlike traditional plastic, are not derived from petrol. It is then a biodegradable and compostable bioplastic, that rapidly deteriorates itself in the soil once reaching the ideal temperature and humidity conditions.

What could seem just a little step, it is actually a very important choice that could have revolutionary results in the future, hoping that more and more companies, and not only the ones producing organic goods, could embrace the choice of a biodegradable packaging.


Author: Sharon Leone