Italian table grapes

Italian table grapesSicily is one of the largest production regions for Italian table grapes alongside Puglia. Over the years reports have fluctuated due to climate and costs but we at Bioplus have strived to achieve our mission of providing Italian table grapes that are not only nutritional but are actually table-worthy!

Our table grapes are produced with intention, particularly for consumption while fresh, as opposed to being grown for wine production. As an organic supplier, Bioplus stive on the mission and the goals to ensure our grapes are grown in the healthiest, compost-rich soil, harvesting the best grapes that do not contain any pesticides or harmful chemical residues.

Table grape production in Italy is an industry that has continued for thousands of years. Our grapes vary in colour, shape, taste and size, and while some are naturally sweet, others are zesty and crunchy.

Bioplus: production and Distribution

Though our table grapes are generally seedless and can come in a thousand variations, no two grapes are the same! Now more than ever, Europe heavily rely on the Table grape production in Italy as they are known to be one of the most in-demand fruits there. While there has been a decline in production in Europe, this is good news for Italy as our import value is now higher than ever.

Traditionally larger than wine grapes, Italian table grapes have more than enough juice, taste and flavour to satisfy our consumers.

The Italian table grapes production majorly focuses on the production of seedless grapes which are preferred among many, and essentially, are in higher demand. Our table grapes are harvested by hand and are grown in our vineyards using a vine training method called’ tendone’.

Health Benefits

In addition to their delicious flavour, our Italian table grapes offer nutritional health benefits including helping with digestion, reducing cholesterol, and decreasing the chance of blood clotting. As the table grapes are organic, this maximises the precaution against any harmful substances coming into contact with the consumers.

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